Mazars on the 1st WIM Central & Eastern European Forum

The key to Mazars` dynamic business transformation is openness to insights and the ability to apply them into a practice.

Our FAS Leader Oleksii Larionov visited 1st WIM Central & Eastern European Forum: Impact of Diversity & Leadership on Performance and ready to share with us main discoveries and overall impression.

  • Companies with diversified Boards/Supervisory Boards (with share of women close to 50%) are more efficient, have higher ROE and banks with women on top positions are more risk averse with lower share of NPLs.
  • Professional firms with women in top management could provide services to a wider range of clients comparing to firms with dominating men in management team.
  • Law enforced quotas on women participation in Boards of Directors are not required, that is why men should participate more actively in maternity leaves.
  • Ukraine is in the middle of ranking of countries by gender split (lower than Scandinavian countries but higher than Middle East).

“I was impressed, gender diversity has an extremely positive impact on leadership, corporate culture and company productivity in general. As Christine Lagarde said that if Leman Brothers would had been Leman Sisters the world would be completely different today. Also thankful to Yulia Kyrpa, Partner of Aequo Law Firm, for such an informative presentation.”  – Oleksii comments.

You can find more information about the impact of diversity and women`s leadership in Mazars` research report  - Board Leadership in Corporate Culture attached below.


Board Leadership in Corporate Culture Report.pdf
Board Leadership in Corporate Culture Report.pdf