Technical agri-training at Mazars in Ukraine - we speak the same language as our clients!

Being a real advisor, we strive to understand all the technical specificities of our client’s industry, its current challenges and strategic plans, without limitations to the financial aspects.

On June 19th, in the frame of our revisited sectorial approach, Ukrainian Mazarians from all service lines dedicated a full day for diving into agricultural industry.

Having already a large experience in this industry, we continue to strengthen our expertise by learning every aspect of agricultural companies’ operational challenges:

what is the full harvest cycle, how to get the highest share of potential yields, which cybernetic principles are applied in agriculture and more were discussed during the first part of the training, delivered by Jean-Jacques Herve, renowned French agronomist, who has been advising governments and private corporations in the CIS region for more than 20 years.

The second half of the day was spent literally on the fields. Mazars team visited Grain Alliance, a large and innovative agro-holding headquartered in Sweden. The Company’s CEO guided us through all the units: seed plant, elevator, machinery unit. He also shared a range of best practices in financial management tools and export strategy, human resources management and sustainable development.

Due to this combination of both theoretical and practical aspects, we gained a new highly valuable experience.

We will continue to enrich our expertise in the industry to continue providing more and more pertinent advises to our agricultural clients.