Webinar 21.05: Strategy against the consequences of COVID-19 — a time of challenges and change

On the 21st of May, at 11 am the Mazars’ team holds the webinar "Strategy against the consequences of COVID 19 — a time of challenges and change".

The whole world is being exposed to the impact of COVID-19: companies need reorganisation, to change business processes, strategies and make unplanned decisions. How to reformat and adapt to change and to use the support of advisory in order to solve business problems?

Oleksiy Larionov — Senior manager of the financial consulting department at Mazars — will answer the following questions:

  • What is the current macroeconomic situation in Ukraine?
  • What are COVID-19-related challenges the companies are facing right now?
  • Where and how can you obtain financing for your company?
             • State support
             • From commercial banks /private equity and strategic investors
  • How to prepare for this?
             • Improve your cash flow management
             • Adapt and analyze your financial forecasts
             • Review and adapt your strategy to quarantine reality and post-COVID environment
  • Additional measures if something goes wrong
             • Divestments through fire sale procedures
             • Financial restructuring and independent business review of the borrower
  • Q&A session

We are looking forward to meet you online.