The “Diia City” IT regime is ready to go in Ukraine

Ukrainian Parliament adopted the Law #5376, giving the green light for the "Diia City" – the preferential tax and legal regime for the IT industry

On December 14 the Law #5376 introducing amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine on tax conditions for the "Diia City" regime was adopted. The Law should be signed by the President and further published to enter into force on 1 January 2022.

In accordance with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine companies may start applying for the Diia City resident status in the middle of January 2022 when procedures for application would be finalized.

Read our "The Law 5376 Leaflet" to find out:

  • What is "Diia City"
  • Tax benefits
  • GIG Contracts
  • Who can benefit
  • Entry criteria
  • Transition period for transfer from contracts concluded with private entrepreneurs to GIG contracts


The Law 5376 Leaflet
The Law 5376 Leaflet