The Next CFO

Tired of waiting for the new season of your favorite series to come out? Discover The Next CFO, a web TV that takes international finance decision-makers out of the back office and puts them in the spotlight. Seven modern, original programmers dive into the changing definition of what it means to be a Chief Financial Officer.

“For CFOs” because the content is designed to intrigue and inform both top finance decision-makers and those who hope to take their place. “By CFOs” because the CFOs themselves are the storytellers – audiences hear directly from them about their most pressing concerns, their passions and their vision for the future.

New technologies threaten to turn the fundamental tasks of corporate finance on their heads. The Next CFO aims to help Chief Financial Officers embrace their evolving role and to inspire the next generation of finance professionals to continue along this path.

Designed to emulate popular video streaming platforms, the web TV features seven programmes and candid testimonials from CFOs from around the world.

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