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Carve-outs in the automotive industry

The automotive industry is constantly changing, facing external challenges posed around new technologies and business models. Carve-outs are under the spotlight to help companies mitigate these risks and offer strategic opportunities. Mazars experts around the world provide insights about carve-outs, from a range of different strategic perspectives.

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Privately owned business

We know the opportunities and challenges you face are unique, so let's talk.

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Brexit Radar: discover what’s ahead and plan your next steps

After years of negotiations the UK has officially left the European Union. For many companies, it remains difficult to fully understand the varied impacts of Brexit – whether doing business directly or indirectly with the UK.

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Covid-19 and the world of private equity

Optimism in an uncertain environment

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Reinventing the wheel: what’s driving change in 21st century mobility

How can the mobility sector respond to evolving consumer expectations to influence and lead a transformation towards cleaner, more connected and collaborative systems?

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Smarter, better, faster: RPA at work

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, all sectors are under pressure to gain efficiency, increase innovation and find new ways of working. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is in the spotlight to help companies achieve just that. In Smarter, better, faster: RPA at work, our experts look at seven key sectors affected by the pandemic to provide real examples of how RPA can be used in each sector, the benefits of implementing it and how to embrace RPA and get it right.

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Business is personal

Business - it's personal

No matter how long a company has been around for, what industry they’re in or who their customers are, there’s no getting away from the fact that each business is unique.

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Are you missing the tech train?

Mazars publishes global study on familiarity, investment and implementation levels surrounding five transformative workplace technologies.

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The future of telcos: winning the client experience battle

Mazars publishes global study ‘The Future of Telcos: winning the client experience, the case of mobile financial services’

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Innovators at Mazars

Innovation and transformation are words that we hear, read or write several times a day. But how do we make sense of all these new technological, societal or business trends? How do companies implement some of these changes in practice? And most importantly, how do businesses move from ‘doing’ digital to ‘being’ digital?

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Innovators at Mazars