Internship in Mazars Accounting School 2018

We are hiring Interns for summer session(during 3 months of summer ) in Outsourcing Accounting Department

You are good at numbers, have knowledge in accounting, want to work with international companies, know English and have eager to work. Apply for a job

During 3 months of summer you will :

  • Have special training pass during a “School” period
  • Learn different industries within international environment
  • Possibility to apply and train just gained skills on-the-job projects
  • Use E-learning platform to improve your English language skills
  • Have mentors
  • Work within team of inters
  • Be a part of great Mazars family

Best Interns will be offered employment, career plan and all tools needed to become a real professional!

If you are interested in Accounting Internship, register and come to our office on Open Day on the 17th of May.

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