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Beyond the GAAP no.129 - January 2019

With annual report season in full swing, this issue of Beyond the GAAP is a slightly quicker read than last month’s issue. However, it does contain some particularly significant news, notably a number of interesting agenda decisions published by the IFRS Interpretations Committee.

Beyond the GAAP no.128 - December 2018

Following on from last issue’s feature, which provided a general overview of standards applicable at 31 December 2018, Beyond the GAAP details, in special studies, two issues that may impact your financial statements either immediately with the first study on how to account for hyperinflation in Argentina, or more prospectively with the IASB’s latest proposals on the costs to be taken into account to determine whether a contract is onerous.

Beyond the GAAP no.127 - November 2018

Ahead of the preparation of financial statements at 31 December 2018, Beyond the GAAP summarises the standards applicable to the current year and revisits the information published by European entities on the introduction of IFRS 16 at 30 June 2018 - information which must be significantly expanded in December 2018.

Beyond the GAAP no.126 - October 2018

During October, the European legislators have endorsed interpretation IFRIC 23 – Uncertainty over Income Tax Treatments. Meanwhile, the IASB has published new short, but focused, documents.

Beyond the GAAP no.125 - September 2018

As the IASB is asked to re-examine some aspects of IFRS 17, we enter a period of uncertainty as regards both EFRAG’s work on the endorsement advice and the likely effective date of the standard. This also has implications for the deferral of IFRS 9, an alternative which many European bancassurers and insurance companies opted for. Meanwhile, the IFRS IC has published four agenda discussions; in this issue, we discuss the two relating to capitalisation of borrowing costs.