Accounting and financial services

If you are understaffed, you may fall behind in delivering accounting and financial information. By outsourcing some of your financial work to Mazars, you can take the pressure off your team.

Our Accounting and financial services:


  • Full outsourced bookkeeping
  • Partial bookkeeping
  • Accounting review
  • Preparation of full package of mandatory reports to state authorities
  • Assistance during audits
  • Restoration of accounting books etc.

Tax compliance

  • Preparation and submission of Tax Returns (VAT, CIT, Property Tax, Transport tax etc.)
  • Preparation and submission of Statistics reports
  • Assistance in case of Tax audits

Accounting and financial consultancy

  • Set-up of business in Ukraine, design of administrative and document workflows
  • Accounting issues
  • Tax issues etc.
  • Trainings dedicated to the local accounting staff and foreign managers

Electronic document flow (EDF) implementation services

  • Analysis of document flow and processes, providing of recommendations with regards to implementation of EDF
  • Analysis and comparison of the company's processes and functios of different types of EDF software
  • Creation of the implementation action plan for EDF
  • Support during implementation of EDF, preparation of instructions for users
  • Preparation of templates for documents, procedures and policies
  • Communication with counterparties during switching to EDF
  • Providing legal and tax consultations with regards to using of electronic documents