International tax

International taxation is extremely important in the global economic environment where businesses operate on an international level. The issues of international taxation require consideration of various legislative and regulatory requirements of different countries, and with the increasing trend of cross-border business, international taxation is becoming more complex and requires significant expertise and experience from specialists.

Experts at Mazars Ukraine have years of experience in international taxation and can assist clients in developing effective tax planning strategies. We use the latest approaches and find individual solutions for each client. Our approach is based on a thorough study of the legislation of countries where our clients have business interests, as well as our understanding of global trends and challenges facing businesses.

As Mazars is a global partnership represented in over 90 countries, our experts actively collaborate with colleagues in other jurisdictions on international tax matters and are able to involve them in providing services to our clients for a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the specifics of local legislation in the relevant country.

We advise on international taxation matters for large and medium-sized businesses, small businesses, and private clients. Our international tax services may include, in particular:

  • Consultations on various aspects of international tax, including issues related to the application of double tax avoidance provisions and international corporate tax
  • International tax planning and international business restructuring
  • Tax audit and tax compliance, including international tax audit
  • Tax planning for international investments and calculation of taxes on capital investments
  • Tax planning for international real estate transactions
  • Consulting on taxation of foreign jobs and tax planning for expatriates
  • Consulting on international taxation of digital businesses and e-commerce.
  • Consulting on automatic exchange of information.