Transfer Pricing

As well as around the world, transfer pricing is one of the priority fields of tax investigations in Ukraine, its growing significance is proved by significant amounts of potential tax penalties

Taxpayers do not only have to prepare formal reporting in accordance with Tax Code of Ukraine, but also should pay attention to be compliant with the arm’s length principle.

Mazars' advisors have years of experience in all fields of transfer pricing, including preparation of reports on controlled transactions and transfer pricing documentations, transfer pricing policies, pricing of future transactions, etc.

Mazars Offer of Transfer Pricing Services

Mazars tax experts are ready to assist you in the following fields:

  • Preparing / reviewing of report on controlled transactions
  • Preparing / reviewing of transfer pricing documentation
  • Adapting group transfer pricing policy to the specific local requirements and regulations
  • Assessing tax risks of transfer prices
  • Proposing a transfer pricing strategy
  • Comparative analysis with use of internationally acknowledged databases (e.g. Amadeus)
  • Close cooperation with Mazars offices in the transfer pricing area

Why Mazars?

A complex approach: a multidisciplinary team composed of tax advisors, accounting and financial experts with international experience ensures you the right transfer pricing solution adapted specifically for your company and according to your particular requirements and legislation.

An international company: Mazars is an international company which actively cooperates with others Mazars branches all around the world. That is why we are able to offer a solution in the area of transfer pricing useable the world over. The individual Mazars branches in Central Europe are very closely connected units with verified well-oiled coordination: this ensures the highest level of communication and a common interest for the client.

An individual approach: We resolve every situation in an individual manner, meeting the specific and current needs of our client. Our team of tax experts guarantees you that the transfer pricing solution and documentation will be worked out to conform to your particular pricing strategies. The transfer pricing documentation will also meet all the requirements stipulated by law.