Tatiana Feschuk Head of Payroll&HR department

Tatiana Feschuk

Key expertise

  • Tatiana has 19 years of experience in the field of human resource managing in companies with different forms of ownership and activities, also with various systems of pay and work schedules (staff of 3500 employees). Tatiana joined Mazars in 2016.
  • She provides audit, restoration of documentation and consultations. Has experience in implementation of personnel records and paperwork (documentation flow) from scratch.
  • Tatiana successfully passes state checks of different levels. She is able to establish successful business relations with external and internal clients, executive authorities.
  • Practical experience in project management. Launch of projects, transfer from internal to external service, between external providers, service termination.

Education and qualification

  • National Aviation University: BA in computer systems engineering
  • Interregional Academy of personal Management: MA in economy and staff management

Main focus

  • Expert in labor legislation and payroll
  • Consultant on optimization of business processes in personnel accounting and payroll


  • EBA


  • Ukrainian
  • English
  • Russian