Open lecture: Robotic Process Automation as a key element of Digital transformation

Yesterday Martin Vaross, partner and Head of Robotics at Mazars SK, discussed Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

The technology is able to work and manipulate data as a person. RPA optimizes business processes and is three times faster than a usual worker.


RPA is not an actual robot and is independent of humans. The bot most commonly works in an unintended mode.


The technology has many benefits.  RPA usually pays out in a year and is easy to implement. Also, the software robot can do many tasks, like managing emails, excel, working with data etc.

RPA can cover any process that is running in Windows environment, typically. In case of two or more processes, humans only need to prioritize those within a 24-hour capacity of the bot.


The components of RPA platform include designer and controller. The latter is used to control bot’s activity, reducing the risk of error.

Mazars is an integrated team. We use the same methodology, work on close connections, and use coordinated approach. We are glad to be employing new technologies like RPA to boost the company’s effectiveness and leave our clients satisfied with our activity.