HR & payroll

Reliable, scalable and integrated solutions that reduce cost and improve efficiency

A global workforce presents challenges that require expert HR knowledge and specialised processes. Payroll legislation is a highly complex area. With rules and policies so often in flux, processing payroll in-house is often costly and inefficient. Our specialist team offers a flexible way of managing your HR and payroll requirements across the world. 

Our approach   

Outsourcing your HR and payroll functions can improve accuracy, efficiency and security. With differing rules and regulations in each jurisdiction, it can be challenging to manage these functions internationally. Partnering with us lets you to draw on world-leading expertise in finance and HR. Our experienced professionals work closely with our clients to simplify processes and improve performance in individual ways suited to their specific circumstances.  

At Mazars, our HR and payroll services are designed to meet the requirements of companies that are seeking a consistent and reliable service that is scalable and flexible. We recognise that the modern workforce has myriad HR needs and, above all, wants to know that they will be paid on time and accurately. Using the latest technology and platforms, we help in the delivery of streamlined and automated payroll and HR processes.   

When you work with us, you benefit from a single point of contact who will work seamlessly with an international team of experts to deliver results that are right for you.  

Our payroll & HR services:

Payroll and Tax issues 

  • Payroll consultancy and interpretation of payroll legislation
  • Employee benefits consultancy
  • Expatriate payroll and taxation
  • Employee registration

Payroll calculation and processing agenda

  • Payroll processing on a monthly basis
  • Calculation of personal income tax, social security contribution and military tax
  • Calculation of sick leave, vacation, dismissal amount, provision for unused vacation
  • Preparation of accounting ledger for booking payroll
  • Preparation of payroll overviews according to the client’s requirements and preparation of payslips and of payment orders for salary payments to employees and obligatory payments to state authorities
  • Sending electronic payslips in convenient format to each employee

Other related payroll services

  • Preparation of employee statement of remuneration
  • Compliance reviews and assistance with audits held by state authorities
  • Payroll audit
  • HR administration services
  • Preparation of all required HR reports to state authorities
  • New and departing employee administration
  • Processing of employee personal agenda including maintenance of employee’s personal file
  • Preparation of labour agreements for employees
  • Preparation of all type HR orders (vacation, bonus, change of position, etc.)
  • Labour book maintenance

Other related HR services 

  • Legal consulting on labour law and protection of personal data
  • HR audit
  • Preparation of internal HR documents and policies
  • Automatization of HR function
  • Support in labour disputes

Our people  

Our experienced teams support clients with national and international HR and payroll delivery. We maintain comprehensive, up-to-date understanding of labour and employment laws to ensure your business truly understands and cares for your employees.  

With a global team of HR and payroll specialists, we are able to support clients with our own people, rather than outsource to another firm, wherever in the world you need it. We are continuously developing our HR and payroll offering by investing in and developing our people, processes and training. This means you receive a consistent service from a highly trained and motivated team.