Accounting & reporting

Qualified specialists and integrated support to your accounting and finance team. Mazars in Ukraine provides companies with high level operational support in bookkeeping and reporting on both local and transnational levels.

In a business environment that is constantly evolving, accessing a resource that complements your finance and accounting team is critical. You may be downsizing, expanding into a new jurisdiction or going through a restructure. Whatever your needs, we offer an outsourced accounting function that complements your existing team. 

Our approach  

At Mazars, we offer outsourced accounting and reporting services that meet your unique needs and fit with your existing functions. As an international business, we have a team of finance specialists who work with companies across multiple jurisdictions. They will coordinate relationships across all your individual countries to ensure you always receive a consistent and integrated service. 

When you work with us, the service you receive is crafted to you and your business. Whether you need assistance in preparing management reports, or you want to outsource your monthly bookkeeping and reporting functions, our team is committed to providing the right level of support. This includes providing you with interim resources on a flexible basis. For example, if you need a high-level accounting manager, but are struggling to find the right candidate, your Mazars team can step in to help. 

 We offer broad expertise that includes: 

  • Ensuring you remain compliant with local statutory compliance requirements 
  • Compiling reports that are pre-determined to monthly deadlines and include the specific information you need 
  • Giving you with the peace of mind that internal and external reporting is accurate and offers the transparency that your stakeholders require 
  • Supporting your finance and accounting transformation  
  • Providing resources on secondment where it is needed 

Our Accounting and financial services: 


  • Full outsourced bookkeeping
  • Partial bookkeeping
  • Accounting review
  • Preparation of full package of mandatory reports to state authorities
  • Assistance during audits
  • Restoration of accounting books etc.

Tax compliance

  • Preparation and submission of Tax Returns (VAT, CIT, Property Tax, Transport tax etc.)
  • Preparation and submission of Statistics reports
  • Assistance in case of Tax audits

Accounting and financial consultancy

  • Set-up of business in Ukraine, design of administrative and document workflows
  • Accounting issues
  • Tax issues etc.
  • Trainings dedicated to the local accounting staff and foreign managers

Electronic document flow (EDF) implementation services

  • Analysis of document flow and processes, providing of recommendations with regards to implementation of EDF
  • Analysis and comparison of the company's processes and functios of different types of EDF software
  • Creation of the implementation action plan for EDF
  • Support during implementation of EDF, preparation of instructions for users
  • Preparation of templates for documents, procedures and policies
  • Communication with counterparties during switching to EDF
  • Providing legal and tax consultations with regards to using of electronic documents

Consolidation and reporting services

  • Consolidation and reporting according to IFRS/ US GAAP / French GAAP and other standards 
  • Mapping of Ukrainian chart of accounts with charts of accounts or cost centers used by Head Offices 
  • Transformation (reporting to Head Offices) according to IFRS/US GAAP/French GAAP and other standards