Webinar: Coronavirus and Business: How to Work in an Instability

On the 2st of April Mazars Ukraine held a webinar on the topic "Coronavirus and Business: How to Work in an Instability."

Our speakers Tatiana Feschuk, Mariia Pasika, Yulia Rumyanceva and Oleksii Larionov discussed changes in legislation, both labor and tax, and the impact on business.

Registration of remote work, changes in terms of payment of personal income tax, moratorium on tax checks, charging of fines — all these questions alarm business "today".
We considered the relevance of implementation of electronic documentation, its impact on the economy of resources and the acceleration of business processes.

We also understand that tomorrow will come, and business should already be thinking about what to do after quarantine. Therefore, we discussed the accumulation of liquidity reserves, working capital management, debt restructuring, improving the business plan, revising the strategy, and accelerating the sale of non-core assets.

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