HR and payroll solutions

Mazars supports companies of all sizes in human resource management and complete payroll administration.

Our payroll & HR services:

Payroll and Tax issues 

  • Payroll consultancy and interpretation of payroll legislation
  • Employee benefits consultancy
  • Expatriate payroll and taxation
  • Employee registration

Payroll calculation and processing agenda

  • Payroll processing on a monthly basis
  • Calculation of personal income tax, social security contribution and military tax
  • Calculation of sick leave, vacation, dismissal amount, provision for unused vacation
  • Preparation of accounting ledger for booking payroll
  • Preparation of payroll overviews according to the client’s requirements and preparation of payslips and of payment orders for salary payments to employees and obligatory payments to state authorities
  • Sending electronic payslips in convenient format to each employee

Other related payroll services

  • Preparation of employee statement of remuneration
  • Compliance reviews and assistance with audits held by state authorities
  • Payroll audit

HR administration services

  • Preparation of all required HR reports to state authorities
  • New and departing employee administration
  • Processing of employee personal agenda including maintenance of employee’s personal file
  • Preparation of labour agreements for employees
  • Preparation of all type HR orders (vacation, bonus, change of position, etc.)
  • Labour book maintenance

Other related HR services 

  • Legal consulting on labour law and protection of personal data
  • HR audit
  • Preparation of internal HR documents and policies
  • Automatization of HR function
  • Support in labour disputes